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Brazil Nuts are some of the most nutritious nuts available, packed full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats it's easy to see why they're a fan favourite. Eat them fresh or if your looking for plant based alternatives to dairy why not try your hand at making your own Brazil Nut milk for a creamier and nutritious substitute. 

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Nutritional Information: Per 100g serving
Total energy: 656kcal/2744kj
Total fat: 66g
Saturated fat: 15g
Polyunsaturated: 21g
Monounsaturated: 25g
Total carbohydrates: 12g
Dietary fibre: 8g
Sugar: 2.3g
Protein: 14g 
Source of:
Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium

Allergen information:
Packaged in the same environment as other nuts, including peanuts.