Is it possible to give feedback on our service?

Yes! Not only is it possible, we welcome it. If you think there is something we can improve on or a new product that we don't stock we urge you to get in touch through our Contact page. Together we can build a service that accommodates you, the customer.

 Is it possible to leave reviews?

Yes! We understand that trust through the online community is built through a strong review-based foundation. We want all the reviews we can get so if you're happy with the products you received please don't hesitate to leave a review. With your help we can grow as a business with the customer as the focus point. 

 Is there cross-contamination between products?

Yes there will be cross contamination between the nut, dried fruit and seed products. This is because the products we sell are bought fresh and sold fresh, and are all packaged in the same environment. Therefore, we are unable to prevent cross-contamination between our products.

 What is the usual delivery time?

Whilst we aim to get your food to you as swift as possible, we are a small company at the mercy of time constraint and the courier service industry. We aim to get your purchases to you within 2-5 working days. Over time we aim to improve this, but as of now this will be the safest promise we can make.

 Is the food vegan-friendly?

Mostly! Most of the products we sell are vegan friendly, which means every time you buy from us you're not only helping your own health, but also that of all animal kind! Look out for "Vegan Friendly" in the product description below the product.

 Is there social media for Top Quality Health Foods?

Yes! We have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly update our customers with new products, health and diet tips, recipes and other fun stuff! So, follow, like and share us! We thank you for your support! You can find our social media links at the bottom of the page.